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Africa Hot is FINALLY on Amazon!

Product Description Set against a background of everyday life in West Africa, Nnenna Marcia’s first anthology of erotic short stories (some previously published in Erotic Review) paints an extraordinarily vivid and exciting picture of the sexual culture in that part of the world. As well as fourteen short stories, there is a novella, In My Father’s House. Marcia depicts West… (more…)

Sexy Snippets: A few of my favourite bits from ‘Africa Hot: West African Stories of Sex and Love’.


Hello everyone! Thank you all for writing me and being with me while I was away. I am back now and delighted to take part in #Sexysnippets once more. Here are my seven sentences from my book ¬†‘Africa Hot: West African Stories of Sex and Love’. If you still have not read it, you are seriously missing out! ;-0 I… (more…)

#SexySnippets: 7 sentences from my just released erotica, ‘Africa Hot’.

Africa Hot

Hello again! What lovely weather we’re having – oh, I know. This obsession with the weather is such a British thing but I feel like I have a lot more than the weather to celebrate this weekend. My book of erotica from ERBooks¬†came out yesterday! Wa-hey! It will be available on Kindle next month. Below are my #sexysnippets taken from… (more…)


Africa Hot

Oh and hello #sexysnippet-ers! And everyone else who reads and follows this blog. And hello Adventurers! So, this is a very exciting period for me as my book of Erotica ‘Africa Hot: West African Stories of Sex and Love’ is out. WOOHOO! It is available now on the Erotic Review Books website so buy, read and review your copy now!… (more…)